NORM Survey and Waste Management services in Nigeria

NORM Survey and Waste Management

NORM waste is one of the most highly regulated areas of business. Every organization has clear responsibilities and strict guidelines to ensure the management of NORM waste for the protection of personnel and the environment.

Metrix have developed capabilities in technology and experience personnel for the management of the NORM waste through careful baseline survey, Identification of radionuclides and activity (ACs) levels. Others include on-site management by decontaminating contaminated equipment and site remediation as required by regulatory bodies.

RADTraige is an advanced dosimeter barge designed for emergency and high radiation exposure situations. The RADTraige will instantly determine dose received in the course of emergency operations such as rescue operations, Handling radiological emergencies in facilities such as nuclear reactor, well-logging operations, etc. involving radioactive sources.

Advantages of RADTrainge to User

Active monitoring of response personnel for Radiation exposure
Long time data storage and retrospective dosimetry
Instant notification of level of exposure
Early detection and treatment
No panic No worries